Abacus learning offers numerous benefits to students, both academically and in terms of cognitive development. Here are some of the key advantages of incorporating abacus learning into a student's education: 

Speedy & Accurate Calculations: Abacus learning helps in boosting the mental arithmetical calculation skills thus making them better and faster like never before.

Improved Problem Solving Capabilities: Abacus learning fosters problem-solving abilities as students tackle complex mathematical problems using the abacus. They develop critical thinking     skills and learn to approach challenges methodically.

Enhanced Brain Activity: Brain imaging studies, such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and positron emission tomography (PET) scans, have shown that abacus users exhibit enhanced brain activation in regions associated with numerical processing and calculation.These studies indicate that regular abacus practice can stimulate the brain's numerical processing centers, leading to increased neural connectivity and efficiency.

Sharp Listening Skills: Abacus learning also improves listening skills in children, which helps them to not only listen to numbers better, however improves listening skills at school.

Extended Memory:  Abacus training involves memorizing bead positions and numerical patterns. This enhances students' memory and their ability to retain information in other subjects as well.

Clear Visualization Skills: Abacus learning also strengthens the mental visualization skills.    

Enhanced Concentration: Concentration is a major challenge in children life. Therefore, this training program helps in improving concentration  by increasing the attention span.

Confidence Boost: As students master abacus techniques and become proficient in mental math, their confidence in their mathematical abilities grows. This newfound confidence can spill over into other academic areas.

Better Comprehension: Comprehending is a right brain activity and abacus learning stimulates right side of the brain hence improving their comprehending skills.

Makes Math Fun: One of major benefits of Abacus training program is that it makes mathematics meaningful, useful and fun for the children.
Self-Discipline: Abacus practice often involves repetitive exercises. This instills discipline and perseverance in students as they work to improve their mental math skills over time.

Overall Brain Development: Abacus learning helps in overall brain development and hence increases power and sharpens overall mental formation for better academic and brain results.

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