The abacus is a timeless mathematical tool with a rich history and enduring educational value. Its ability to foster mental math skills, promote mathematical understanding, and enhance cognitive development makes it a valuable resource in both historical and contemporary educational settings.

Brain studies on abacus users have provided compelling evidence that regular abacus practice can lead to structural and functional changes in the brain. These changes are associated with enhanced mathematical skills, improved working memory, increased spatial abilities, and better concentration. Abacus training not only fosters mathematical proficiency but also has broader cognitive benefits that can positively impact various aspects of learning and problem-solving.

Abacus at kusaba provides a unique and structured, mind math program for all children from the age group of 4.5 years to 13 years. This programme helps children to enjoy numbers, develop their mental skills of concentration, visual memory, listening and builds their self- confidence

VISION - To be a leading academy with the vision to Nourish, Enrich, Empower a Child

MISSION - To create a pleasant and elevating environment where all children are provided with a platform to identify, create and nourish their strengths, skills and intelligence in a playful and joyful way


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