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"At Abacus at Kusaba, we witness the remarkable journey of students who start small but quickly discover the transformative power of the abacus. Beyond just mastering math, they experience a holistic development that touches every facet of their lives. With growing concentration, newfound confidence, and enhanced self-control, our students are living examples of the profound impact of abacus learning on overall brain development. They take their skills beyond the classroom, effortlessly tackling math challenges in school and making lightning-fast calculations in everyday life. Our students have embarked on a unique and dynamic path that empowers them to excel and inspire, proving that small beginnings lead to monumental achievements."

"Imagine a journey that starts with the smallest of steps and unveils a world of endless possibilities. This is what we offer at Abacus at Kusaba. Our students, the architects of their own success, begin their adventure by harnessing the transformative power of the abacus antient technique. Through our unique approach, Kusaba students don't just master math; they unlock the doors to a realm of boundless brain development. With sharpened concentration, soaring confidence, and unwavering self-control, our students become living testaments to the extraordinary impact of abacus learning. Beyond the classroom, they effortlessly conquer math challenges, making lightning-fast calculations in their everyday lives. Our students prove that from humble beginnings, grand achievements emerge, and in their stories, we find the essence of our unique and dynamic academy.”

8 Years of Abacus Learning Excellence!! Celebrating a Journey of Educational Growth and Enduring Success    

Abacus at Kusaba for the past 8 years, have been on an incredible journey of empowering young minds through the art of abacus learning, and we couldn't be prouder of the remarkable progress our students have achieved.   

Unleashed the Power of Abacus:

Over these successful years, we've witnessed firsthand the astounding impact of abacus training on our students' cognitive abilities. The ancient abacus, coupled with our modern teaching methodologies, has proven to be a powerful tool in enhancing mental arithmetic skills, problem-solving capabilities, concentration and memory.

Nurturing Brilliance: Our passionate educators have created an environment of support and encouragement, nurturing each student's unique potential.

Pathway to Success: Countless success stories have emerged from our classrooms, with improved grades and a lifelong love for learning.   

Gratitude: To all our parents and supporters, thank you for being an integral part of this amazing journey! Together, we've built a community that values education and embraces excellence. 

As we celebrate 8 years, we're more committed than ever to shaping young minds and unlocking their limitless potential! Here's to the future!

Currently we have physical lessons in  Amstelveen, Amsterdam, Westwijk, Almere, Aalsmeer, Den Haag,  Delft, Hilversum and Uithoorn, Rotterdam, India and online lessons for other cities in the Netherlands and Worldwide

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