• My 9 year old daughter really enjoys going to the Abacus classes at Abacus at Kusaba, and I can see that she has become really agile in mental calculations, she is confident with figures now. The International championship was also an awesome experience for her, really exciting!

    Charlotte Soriano

  • We are extremely happy with the decision on starting abacus for our son very early on (when he was 4yrs). We have seen improvements with his concentration, logical thinking and understanding of calculations. We are also amazed at how within these 2 years he has moved to different levels and now capable of performing mind calculations. Teachers are great and their approach towards each child is friendly. They are very professional, organized and accodomative. We would like to have a special appreciation of how they have kept the classes going and very professionally organizing online lessons even during covid lockdown. Congratulations to the team!!

    Neha Asthana

  • My son has been attending Abacus classes with Abacus at Kusaba since Jan 2018 and I am very happy with the progress he has made. Kanika and Vandana are excellent teachers who make sure that the child understands the concept well. In fact, they have gone out of their way and taken extra time to explain to my son some concepts that he was having difficulty with. I would highly recommend Abacus at Kusaba to every parent and child.

    Abhishek Mittal

  • Dear Kanika and Team We are really been grateful to you. Shayan is doing very good in mathematics due to Abacus. His class teacher in school is also impressed. It's all because of you. You are a great teacher and your way of teaching is amazing. One thing I like the most is..you never go ahead until unless you clear the basic knowledge of child. You always give feedback after each class which helps a lot in improvement and grab the correct way to do study. You are very patient and a kind teacher. Keep up the good work. Kids love you so much.

    Sampriti Sahoo

  • I would like to recommend all parents based on my personal experience of benefits available to my daughter after joining the Abacus course at Kusaba (https://abacusatkusaba.nl). My daughter has already reached level 7 in abacus and has benefitted with the niche training she receives from Kanika Gambhir, Vandana Khimani and other faculty tutors at Kusaba. Besides enhancing the overall comprehension of maths – other important benefits of abacus maths include the following: a. Boosts better and faster calculation skills. b. Increases endurance for stress and pressure. c. Improves problem-solving abilities. d. Improves patience, discipline and faster decision making. Me and wife Rupal Kakariya would like to thank Kusaba for their efforts in inculcating these qualities in my daughter and adding few colourful feathers to her cap.

    Chirag Kakariya

  • A year back my son started going to Kusaba academy to learn abacus. I was skeptical initially but soon I was convinced to have chosen the right methodology of learning maths at wonderful place. Kanika is a super friendly teacher with positive attitude while teaching to the children’s and talking with the parents during discussions. All the best to Kusaba and their facilitators.

    Shabina Lalani

  • I am really happy with my kid's progress in maths after joining at Abacus at Kusaba. Abacus helped her in various fields like speed, accuracy and concentration levels. I highly recommend abacus for every kid and Kanika, I really want to thank you for all the patience and support you give to kids.

    Soujanya Chitumalla

  • Abacus is the key for a child to find a treasure of their memory skills and concentration to challenge themselves in certain moments of their life. With Keerthi, we wouldn't have found this without Kanika, who devotes a great amount of personal effort and outstanding contribution in the class.


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